Kangaroo Jack’s Collaborating Artists

Merryn Apma Daley


Western Arrernte Desert Artist Merryn Apma Daley is from the Western Arrernte people in Alice Springs, Australia. Merryn is from the stolen generation and reconnected with her family 35 years ago.  Merryn has worked in Aboriginal Affairs for over 30 years at grass roots level and in government, advocating for her people. In 2004, Merryn embarked on a historic trek, walking together with AFL/Essendon Football Club legend Michael Long from Melbourne to Parliament House in Canberra, as part of the inaugural Long Walk. A business owner on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, she is the recipient of the Centenary Medal for her services to the Aboriginal Community in Victoria and won the ‘Women Means Business Biennial Award’ in 2009. A recognised artist with art hanging all over the world, Merryn paints her journey and captures the memory of the beautiful country that runs through her veins. Honouring her countrymen and painting the strong women as well as the colours of the desert, flowers, waterholes and her people sitting on country.

“I first met Kangaroo Jack owner David Zaffina during the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020. David’s small business Kangaroo Jack, was producing face masks featuring Indigenous artwork that supported the local community in Geelong, Victoria.

I was extremely moved by the generosity of Kangaroo Jack supporting Aboriginal initiatives, donating proceeds to educational programs  and support networks for Indigenous youth in Victoria.

We just clicked, my artwork resonated with Kangaroo Jack and I was extremely impressed by the passion and support towards helping our people, as well as creating pathways, partnerships and practicing reconciliation.     

Our collaboration is an example of what can be achieved by our understanding and acceptance  of who we are and working together as one people”.

Merryn Apma Daley  

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Nathan Patterson


Indigenous Australian artist Nathan Patterson is a proud Wagiman Man who is now residing on the Surf Coast of Victoria. His people are from Pine Creek, near the Daly River Region in the Northern Territory, where the Wagiman clan are the traditional landowners.

Nathan’s art is a mixture of contemporary designs using traditional techniques that incorporate the Dreamtime stories of his people and of the native land. He continues to tell these stories through his art. Nathan strives to push the boundaries of contemporary Aboriginal art through the use of vibrant colours and traditional design.

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M.J. Badagarang


Indigenous Australian artist M. J. Badagarang has worked the past four years as a cultural educator delivering cultural workshops and creating murals.

“Worimi, I am a proud Dharug woman. My totem is the Badagarang (Eastern Grey Kangaroo), and Waroo (the brown-eyes crow). I  pay my respects to all Elders past, present and emerging, and extend this acknowledgment to you and your people. Welcome, let’s walk together.”

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Ky-ya Nicholson Ward


Indigenous Australian artist Ky-ya Nicholson Ward is a 19 year old Wurundjeri, Dja Dja Wurrung, Ngurai illum Wurrung, German and Irish woman. She is a passionate Victorian Aboriginal artist who tells the stories of her ancestors, family, country and I also uses her art to advocate political issues around the world. Ky-ya grew up watching her mum Mandy Nicholson create amazing artworks and has always been very intrigued. Ky-ya is inspired to use her art to showcase her culture in a positive way and to educate others.

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Kevin Gold (Ohnoes)


Kevin Gold (Ohnoes) is an Australian artist from Melbourne, Victoria. Originally from a street art background influential people in Kevin’s life shifted his focus to pursue his passion for art and explore different principles and mediums. Kevin is constantly refining his work and trying to stay true to what makes him happy, by incorporating street art and popular culture themes into his work. From a young age Kevin surrounded himself with like-minded people and it’s for that reason himself and a couple of his peers on the same path began an art studio called ‘The Arts Hole’. Out of this space his journey continues, collaborating and creating.

Kevin has been part of countless exhibitions across Australia and internationally in the UK, USA, Canada, Norway and New Zealand. In recent years his focus has shifted towards creating work inspired by his passion for memorabilia and sports, incorporating his prior influences of street art textures to create a unique Melbourne inspired theme through out his art. Kevin has multiple principles he works in, including murals, graphic art, Illustration and studio work. 

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Heather Gandy


Heather Gandy is an Australian ceramic artist from Ocean Grove, Victoria. Heather describes her home town of Ocean Grove to be a place where the ocean meets the sandy beach and rocky headlands. The Barwon River embraces mangroves and skies filled with sunsets that reflect in its waters. These elements are quintessential to Ocean Grove and inspire the ceramic pieces that Heather creates on the pottery wheel.

“Hand made ceramics is a very physical and mindful art. It requires a person to slow down and to connect with their senses. As I create ceramic pieces, I imagine transmitting my experiences of walking on the beach or beside the river to others as they feel the glazed pottery in their hands. Distilled from earth and water, the combination of sandy clay and glassy glazes my pottery recreates moments of rest and silence listening to the sea, river and sky.”

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