Small Face Mask (Adult) | Winter Spirits Yellow


Face Mask  –  Small (Adult)

Premium Australian Made Limited Edition

Width: 20.5cm | Height: 14.5cm | Length (elastic): 9cm


  • 100% Cotton material face mask (non surgical).
  • Hand made in Victoria, Australia.
  • Authentic Australian Indigenous artwork by Faye Oliver.
  • Durable three layer protection with an inbuilt high quality filter layer in accordance with the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria and the World Health Organization.
  • Breathable.
  • Washing machine safe (cold wash / delicate mode).
  • Unisex

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Supporting Our Australian Indigenous Community:

Kangaroo Jack donates 10% of all our face mask sales to our local Indigenous Community at the Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre in Victoria, Australia. The Aboriginal Cultural Centre is a not-for-profit organisation that facilitates indigenous educational programs for Australian school students and disadvantaged indigenous youth. We thank you for choosing Kangaroo Jack and supporting us in our cause during this challenging time for all of us.

Australian Indigenous Artwork

Title: Winter Spirits Yellow

Artist: Faye Oliver

Faye Oliver is an experienced and well established artist. She worked at Keringke Art Centre, as an assistant art co-ordinator. Through her works, she tries to bring harmony in the community. We can see an expression of modesty in her works. She believes in trust and peace in the community.

In Dreamtime, there weren’t many people or living beings such as animals, birds etc. Every being used to understand each other’s language and they didn’t know of death. However, one day, a little bird fell from a tree and broke its neck, paralysing its body. The elderly knowledgeable birds and animals announced that the spirits have taken the bird from the world to get a new bird. Although everybody accepted this idea, they wanted to confirm this by watching the bird. The caterpillars volunteered to do so. The elderly ordered the caterpillars to watch the bird from clouds in the sky throughout the winter. One fine early day of the spring, the caterpillars transformed into butterflies and returned to the camp with beautiful bodies. Since then, the caterpillars spend the winters in cocoons to transform into butterflies, a wonderful gift of nature. In this design, Faye depicted the spirits watching over the Dreamtime creatures from the sky. She also depicted the bush and camp with beautiful and vibrant winter colours.

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